Date statement BICCultural Monument since 1931.

Style: Hispanic - Visigothic

Monasterio San Pedro de MontesHigh resolution image. This link will open using lightbox, there may be a context switchMonasterio San Pedro de Montes The Monastery of Saint Pedro de Montes was founded by Saint Fructuoso and his disciple Valerio in the 7th century. Due to the Muslim invasion it was deserted and rebuilt later by Saint Genadio in the year 895.

During the time of the Desamortización of Mendizábal (disentailment) it was completely abandoned.

At present the visitor is given a complete tour of different styles and periods: the Preromanesque style that can be seen in some of the remaining capitals; the Romanesque in the tower; the ruins of the cloister and the façade of the church that dates back to the 18th century.

The Chapel of Saint Cruz, is placed near the village. It was built in the 18th century and some remains of the first building such as Visigothic and Mozarabic reliefs from the 10th century still survive.

The village of Montes and the great scenery that can be enjoyed during all the tour are just worth the visit.