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"This year will be historical for our city because it will suppose the recovery of our most significant monument, the Templar's Castle. The works that are realized will be the most important in the last five centuries of the fortress. We are going to obtain that what was a ruin will turn into an alive place, in continuous activity and fully integrated to Ponferrada's institutional, social and cultural life. It will be, our unequivocal symbol, a revitalizing piece.

The Work of recovery began in 1995, when the Town hall was done with the property, later to tackle a series of works for eight years, which allowed bring to light an interesting archaeological remains, reinforcing the structures and removing the dangerous condition of ruin.

Now, A new and ambitious task is formed, the rehabilitation of places, mainly in palatial zone and some tower. It will be endowed to these buildings recovered of concrete uses in orden that, besides object of the most interesting visit to the military unique enclosure for its extension and characteristics, Ponferrada's Castle is an interactive attraction of the first order that attracts visitors of all parts of the world taking advantage of its position favoured in the Way of Santiago its Templar halo.

We will have a castle recovered for the ponferradinos and for the lovers of the culture in general"

Carlos L. Riesco Mayor of Ponferrada