Tejo en San Cristóbal de ValduezaTejo en San Cristóbal de Valdueza The Yew, the sacred tree of the celts, has found in San Cristóbal its sacred and magic place near the chapel.

It must be regarded as a relic, an authentic vegetable monument which is really alive.

There has been a lot of talk about its age. Madoz already mentioned it in his Geographical Dictionary of Spain and according to P.G.

Trapiello "it looked in bewilderment at what was happening in El Bierzo a long time ago, even before the first stone of the Cathedral of León was placed".

The persistent habit of planting yews near the houses or on the edges of the meadows is without any doubt an unconscious and collective interest in being loyal to the habits of their ancestors of the astur-celtic religion that is deeply rooted in the heart of their children.

SPECIES: Westfelton Yew (Taxus baccata)
VILLAGE: San Cristóbal de Valdueza
HEIGHT: 13,75 m
PERIMETER (1,30 m): 4,80 m