Cedro de Incienso en la Finca de Valdés en PonferradaCedro de Incienso en la Finca de Valdés en Ponferrada The property "Finca de Valdés" is situated near the town of Campo and many citizens from Ponferrada consider it as the symbol of the great inheritance that Miguel Fustegueras "Valdés".

Left them more than thirty years ago. This important and enigmatic figure was in charge of managing the different properties that the family had acquired during the time of the disentailment in the 19th century.

He ordered to sell all his lands and properties in his will so as to build a residential home for the elderly. A philantropic decision that was finally carried out about thirty years after he died.

The castillete, which was probably built at the end of the last century, and the area of gardens have been ignored in the restoration of the land.

This is a very interesting botanical sample that has suffered the consequences of robbery, oblivion and fire for a longtime.

In this botanical garden full of umbrella pines, olive trees, holm oaks, maples, strawberry trees, palm trees, magnolia trees, laurels, etc, the 31-meter-high California Cedar or Incense Cedar rises expectantly.

SPECIES: California white Incense Cedar (Calocedrus decurrens)
HEIGHT: 31,20 m
PERIMETER (1,30 m): 2,55 m