Municipality of Ponferrada
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In the old part of the town, historical signs of Ponferrada are preserved.

In the narrow streets of high part town and dominated by the Templar Casttle.

The traveller will go find La Encina Basilica, Watch street and its tower wich was building over one of the old wall gate, and the council square  dominated by town hall facade.

The Royal Prision it´s today the Museum of El Bierzo  and shows a tour through our history.

The Municipality spreads to the south to Aquiliano Mountains and Valdueza lands through a dreamscape who shows where the monks and saints was living in (Fructuoso, Valerio, Genadio) and they founded monasteries: Peñalba de Santiago and its mozarabe curch at the 10 century. Valdueza's Mounts and its Monastery, Compludo and its forge ...     

Next to the city there are the Santo Tomás Mozarabic Church and romanic church Santa María de Vizbayo at Otero.

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