Municipality of Ponferrada
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Week of the Radio

From the year 2003, the Radio Week is celebrated in our city organized by the Federation of Radio and Television Associations of Spain.

Ponferrada sounds much more from its territory limits becoming for a week in the national capital of the radio of our country under the sonorous name of "Ponferradio".

The presence of the main people of the national radio scene makes our Radio Week an excellent cultural programme open to everyone. La Casa de la Cultura (The cultural house) and Bergidum Theatre (Bérgidum Theatre) are the places where debates about the current situation of the Spanish radio are held, from sensationalist to sports programmes. Besides that, year after year, the main radio channels in our country come to share some of their work's hours with us, emitting national programmes from Ponferrada.

We have to remark the collaboration of the local stations which emit, jointly, a simultaneous programme.

Golden microphones gala

It is the RADIO WEEK closing ceremony.

During a week, in April, the city is flooded with activities in relation with the radio. It becomes the National Radio city.

There are conferences, live national programmes of the different channels with the most important figures of this environment.

The golden microphones gala, prizes awarded by the Federation of Radio and Television Associations of Spain, assembles 1000 people.

First there is a dinner, and afterwards an act in which we see a lot of well-known celebrities, some of them are television and radio professionals and others are politicians, businessmen and culture professionals.

From its origins, in 2003, numerous celebrities have been on its stage. Some of them have received a prize, others have given it or have been invited to the gala, which is in each moment livened up by the artists of that moment.
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